Monday, March 18, 2013

Old Gold - White Light, White Heat....

White Light, White Heat, White Noise, White Cube, White Album, White Christmas
Sean Duffy
3 Velvet Underground - White Light White Heat album covers, 3 Beatles - White Album covers, 24 music boxes, wood and hardware.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Latest Race Repair

Well it's almost been a year since the Mexican 1000 and I just got around doing what I believe is the last race-damage repair.  At some point south of Lorretto the fan shroud came loose and chipped off a couple fan blades.

new fan - old fan

I eventually repaired the shroud with some bailing wire before driving the car home.  The water temperature never changed and even though Man-a-fre gave me a good used one when I returned to the US it took me almost a year to put it on.

In other news, the spur trails on the way to  Rowher Flats have been shut down.  They were dug up with some kind of earth mover and are impassible (I tried).  Since they're spurs off the Sierra Pellona Mtwy, they're technically not in the Rowher Flats OHV park but does seem silly to go from two parallel fire breaks to one.  But what do I know.

all dug up

On a brighter note - There's an apricot tree near the top of hills and it was in full bloom.  It was amazing that in the middle of this windy high desert there was one tree that was so happy.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Old Gold - Blatant Localism

digging through my old video files.

Blantant Localism
2 turntables, birch plywood, paint, Beach Boys - True to your School, 45, Jody Foster's Army - Blantant Localism EP and Beach Boys - I just wasn't made for these times, SubPop single.

Sean Duffy

Here's the 45 sleeve for it from my Group Show installation

and the original JFA sleeve

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trip to Costco! and Up and Over Rowher Flats 2

I needed to go to Costco and decided to take the best route rather than the quickest.  The quickest would take me twenty minutes but the best would wind up taking over two hours.  30 miles of which were off road.

Basically, I'd start by driving in the wrong direction and then take The Sierra Pelona Mountainway off of Bouquet Canyon, climb over the hills through Rowher Flats and wind up on Sierra Highway about 10 miles east of Costco.

A - The start of the trail is pretty easy to miss it while your zipping along Bouquet Canyon.

B- I stopped at the first pullout to  quickly to check over the car and wound up right next to an ancient dump.  It was pretty picked over but still neat.

The road going up is pretty smooth but a bit narrow with plenty of blind corners.  There are some bits where rocks have fallen into the road and  if you don't like heights you shouldn't look down.

C - Weird rock formations!  The goelogy in this area is amazing.  

D- Pretty quickly you reach the most western point and have a great view of Santa Clarita and beyond.

E- As you head back east there are several spurs off the fire road.  Mainly little hill climbs, some more challenging that others but only one the Land Cruiser couldn't handle.

F - Somewhere around the highest point on the trail.

G - As you start to descend you can see the Bouquet reservour off in the distance.  Turn right and head down Fall Canyon Truck Trail.

H - More weird rocks!

I - As you head up Texas Canyon Trail keep your speed down.  There are a few puddles that seem to never dry up and in the case of the Toyota FJ40 hitting them at a moderate speed can mean a mud bath.  Here's what happened on a previous trip.

This time I kept my speed down and made it to Costco relatively clean.

And realized that because of my "active lifestyle" I need some new sunglasses.  It was the retro early 90s packaging that convinced me.

thanks Costco!