Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Depending on the day, I've got about a half dozen pieces in a show at the Huntington Beach Art Center.  It's called

and it features- Christian Tedeschi, Evan Holloway, Kristen Morgan, Mason Cooley, Ruben Ochoa, Sean Duffy & Thomas Muller.

It was curated by Andre Woodward (who is awesome) 

it will be up until December 15 and there will be a panel discussion on November 23.

Anyway, they used an image of one of my darts pieces for the exterior banner and it looks pretty good.  I did try to get them to use this one

but it was a bit punky (but isn't that the point of being in Huntington Beach?).  Then I'd hoped they would use this one.

because the show really is the Velvet Revolver of the art world.  

Actually that's not true.  Even though the show is a bit of a supergroup of Los Angeles sculpture, unlike Velvet Revolver, the end result is really great.  Here are some images but really it should be seen in person.

Oh and theres' been some good press in the Huntington Beach Independent and Installation Magazine.