Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I'm Working On - testing the car

Last weekend was a work out for me and Car 23.  Rhonda - pilot, mba, recent superbike school graduate and dear friend agreed to be my co-driver.  She has a perfect balance of daring and sanity.  I was comfortable being the passenger as she bombed down mountain roads and she also put up with my driving.

Sunday was spent at Rowher Flats.  This time we really gave the car a work out and it easily handled anything we threw at it.  I loves to climb and doesn’t seemed to be fazed by any obstacle in front of it.  It’s feels like it wants to drive itself.

There are some issues.  Car 23 bottoms out and the tires rub against the body work.  So, there is definitely work to be done on the suspension.  Also, trying to figure out how to fit a fuel cell, spare tires and any other equipment in the back is a challenge..  Oh and remembering to tie things down - collecting tools and gas cans off the trail isn’t that fun.

I am thrilled to be at 27% funded this early in the United States Artists Project and now matching funds are available.  So, tell your friends. Thank you everyone who has supported Car 23 so far.

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