Monday, November 21, 2011

A little levity - Car 23 gets a lift

The springs on Car 23 were a mess.  The bushings were shot, so I replaced them.  The front shackles were too long which threw the caster all out of whack.  So, I tried fixing that with some caster shims...

....and it didn't really help.

I'd spent too much time trying to fix them without addressing the BIG problem.  The 45 year old springs were shot.  I didn't really want to lift the car because the Mexican 1000 is a bit more of a rally.  I wanted to stay low and fast but stock height springs are no longer made and custom ones are pricey.  I also had problems with the tire rubbing on the body and I'm hoping a little more cushion in the spring will prevent another broken spindle.  So,  I finally decided to give the car a little lift.  About a 2" lift to be exact.  I went with the Old Man Emu Dakkar springs and bought a shorter shackle for the front.

Rhonda came up to give me a hand and Gretta also helped.  Although a dog that steels lug nuts isn't really a help.

 The old springs were a rusty mess and when we were taking them off it filled the garage with red clouds.

In the end the lift isn't that bad.  The rear is maybe 3" higher (considering that it's previous height was lower than stock due to the worn springs) and the front seems to only be about an inch higher.  So, far it feels good

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