Monday, March 12, 2012

Car 23 becomes Car 28

It turns out we didn't get #23 for the Mexican 1000.  Even though we were the 10th team to register the 8th team to took 23 (the list of entries is pretty interesting, I'm really intrigued by the 1928 Willys Whippet) So we're officially Car 28, which meant a paint job was in order.

 Car 28 had quite a few adventures this weekend.  A trip out to Rowher flats with George where the electrical system had a momentary failure (the auxiliary power wire came loose from the battery).

And our first trip to Hungry Valley (which was amazing).  Where as we exited the park my brake job failed.  A roadside repair got the rear brakes working and we limped home.

Video coming soon.

There's plenty more to report.  The rear disc brakes are hooked up, the fuel cell is almost installed and the roll cage is finished.  I hope the new seats make as good of a dog bed as the old ones.

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