Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Up and Over - Rowher Flats - 1-18-13

I love that part of this Fall Canyon Trail that was just carved out of rock.

After a cold snap Santa Clarita started warming up.  I'd been wanting to get the Land Cruiser out and  test my Canon G11.  I'd dropped it before the holidays and it had died.

After failing to find a local repair shop, online I came across Walter's Camera Repair online I was a little wary.  Walter's seems to do everything by telephone, snail mail and money order but I decided to put my faith in humanity (and yelp)  and go for it.  $160 and a  bit over a week later the camera was back with a new lens unit and all cleaned up.  I packed it up and headed, once again, to Rowher Flats.

This time I was planning on going up and over the hills.  Starting on the Sierra Highway and ending in Boquet Canyon.  Taking Texas Canyon Trail to Fall Canyon to the top of the mountain via the Sierra Pelona Road and then down the Artesian Springs Road to the reservoir. The whole trip would be around 28 mile on trails and about 40 on pavement.

When you're on top of a mountain you get great cell service.
View of the desert windfarms.

The altitude of the trail head was 2000'.  It was warm and balmy but when I reached the peak at 4800' I was relieved I'd worn a heavy sweatshirt, hat and gloves.  It was cold (to a Southern Californian). Going down the backside of the mountain there were still a few patches of ice.

It's odd on a warm balmy day to see a patch of ice.
The Artesian Spring Road is really smooth and easy.
Overall, it was an easy enjoyable morning.  There were still enough smaller climbs to keep me entertained but being alone, I avoided some of the steeper bits and favored the fire road.

View of the Bouquet Reservoir while cruising down to the pavement.


  1. Argh, I wanna go for a drive in the Toy

  2. Come on up! You could always come during the week when the OHV parks are empty.