Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer of Cars Part 1 - Braving Baja

So it turned out this summer a lot of time was spent looking at cars.  It started in May with a quick trip to the Petersen Automotive Museum to check out Braving Baja: 1000 Miles to Glory.

It was a decent show but a bit small.  I think if I didn't know anything about off road racing it would've been a nice introduction.

It tended to be a bit motorcycle centric.  There were a couple great cars but most of the best cars were at the start of the 2013 Mexican 1000 which was the same weekend as the show opening.

The always fantastic Bel-Ray Bullet did the 1000 and then, still dirty, went to the museum.

The did have a copy of Cycle Psychos on hand

and I enjoyed seeing the early tool bag

and the weird cut window on this bug.  

Overall, I wish there had been more, like Big Oly (the real one, not the fake modern one in the lobby), a Grabber Olds,  maybe a volvo burro or even the  Four Wheeler Fj40 that Specter Off Road has in their shop all of 30 miles from the museum.

Luckily the museum is big and there was plenty more to see.  It makes me glad I'm a member.

next up  Go Kart!

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