Thursday, October 31, 2013

- Trick Tips - Last Second Pumpkin

So, Halloween has snuck up on you (like it should) and you haven't carved a pumpkin.  Here's my recipe for a 10 minute Jack-o-latern.  All you need is a jig saw, drill and some bits.

Step 1 - The Starting Hole

If you're handy with a jigsaw you can just plunge the blade in but, not only does the starting hole make things cleaner, it gives you a point to align the lid.

Step 2 - Cut the top off! and scoop

This is easy.  Try to use the longest blade you have and run the jigsaw around the top at an angle.  

pop the top off and scoop it out (scooping is probably the most time consuming part of this job).

Step 3 - Drill some Holes and Cut the mouth

Drill a line of holes where you want the mouth (5 in this case).

Then use the jigsaw and cut up to a point from each hole. 

Pop the pieces out and you've got a mouth.

 4 - The Eyes

If you got one, grab a hole saw and put it on your drill (if not just freestyle with the jigsaw)

2 different sized saws make for a more animated pumpkin.

There you go HAPPY HALLOWEEN!*

*okay, so after this pumpkin I just hacked at a pumpkin with a butcher knife and made a faster and more disturbing jack-o-latern.   So, I guess the point of this post is to say there's no excuse for not having a jack-o-latern on Halloween.*

*second disclaimer - yes, I know I'm sure there are tons of other excuses.

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