Friday, December 17, 2010

Album of the Week 2

A Midnight Christmas Mess - 1984

I was excited when I came across this album. I played it during the holidays back in college. The cover, by R.K. Sloane, got me hoping it would hold up over time.

The A side is painfully earnest and almost got the album put back on the shelf. Justin Love with “Here’s what I want on Christmas Day” and Johnny Rabb with a couple 80s rockabilly songs saved it.

The B side is where the “mess” begins and it’s pretty great. The Cheepskates start off with a nice surf tune and after that’s its sloppy garage. Yard Trauma’s “Christmas Tyme (baby)” is pretty listenable along with Nadroj & the Wolrats and Suburban Nightmares. The Tryfles top off the garage section with a good rendition of Gloria. After that there’s Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “It’s Christmas” which is worth the price of the LP.

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