Friday, September 9, 2011

Inspiration - 80s new wave ads

I came across this ad about 10 years ago and it cracked me uo.  With the resurgence of skinny jeans it might be funnier now.

Well, except, ten years ago people might have remembered who Kajagoogoo was.  It's impressive that Wrangler put their ad budget into a joke based on Kajagoogoo but then again it was the 80s.  Even X and Oingo Boingo were doing ads for Budweiser.  So it sort of makes sense.

The ad came from the June 1984 issue of the British magazine "The Face."  I bought it back when I was doing work about mods and modernists.  It had a pretty good article "Mods; the class of 84 hits the trail of 64." 

But, looking at it now, the real treat was "Gang Wars: Welcome to LA; Sudden Death in Olympic City" and it's handy list of "Gang Slang"  

This was two years before NWA formed - I wonder what British new wavers thought of it at the time?

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