Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inspiration - folks' workroom

I've always loved my folks workroom.  It has everything except that one thing you're looking for.  This weekend I was looking for a hammer and finally gave up and used an old pipe wrench.  When I brought the pipe wrench back I found a milk crate full of hammers, probably twenty or so. 

This trip I came across these Gemco Bags.  Not really all that spectacular, until you consider that Gemco went out of business in 1986 and this isn't the last Gemco logo but one from the early 80s.  Which means that I was living  there when two empty Price Club Mayonnaise containers were double bagged and hung from a hook.

Lucky on the other hand didn't go out of business until 1999 but it was still nice to see the bag and the old Coleman lantern next to it. 

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