Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration - THE CONDOR

If there is any car other than a zebra striped fj40 I would want to race in the Mexican 1000 it would be "The Condor."  As a kid, it was one of my favorite vehicles and how could someone not love a giant four wheel drive RV with a big hippy mural on it's side.

This incarnation was the "Debbie Special."  I'm not sure but I think Condor Motor Coach might have run an unpainted one at some point.

I found a couple other images online

and a pretty good article on it in an old "Field and Stream" .  I wonder what happened to
the beast, it would be great to restore the car (and the painting) to it's former racing glory.

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  1. I used to see one all the time at San Ofre state beach. It has been years now since I have seen it though.