Thursday, January 26, 2012

Puffy Cloud Gauge Cluster

I've decided to upgrade the gauges on the car.  We're going to need to keep pretty good track of speed, distance and if the engine is going to explode.  I went with Autometer Phantom gauges, they seem to be well respected, in my price range and have a nice 60s look.

The gauge cluster is allowing me to be a bit creative.  Under the dash is too low,  I really don't want to cut up the dash and on top of the bar was a bit too high.  I also want a set up where the gauges were as easy for the co-driver to see as the driver.  

I found a chunk of aluminum and started cutting and created with the Puffy Cloud Cluster.  It's going to need some refining but so far it seems like it will work just fine.

Next up, wiring the gauges (ugh).

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