Thursday, February 23, 2012

Giant Fuel Cell Installation

I've decided to go with a 32 gallon fuel cell.  A 22 gallon fuel cell would fit so nicely but I think we need a little more gas.   Off road, 8 miles to the gallon is a reasonable assumption (maybe even optimistic).  32 gallons would give the car a 250ish mile range.

It turns out a 32 gallon cell is giant.  Inorder to keep the top of the cell below the lip of the bed I had to cut out the floor.

 This allow the cell to rest on the frame and gave the plumbing fittings on top plenty of room.

 It would be nice if it sat lower but that would involve cutting the corner gussets on the frame.  I'm really not up for that level of experimentation before the race.

I built a basket for it and a brace to hold the front.

and to line the basket and give it a bit more protection I used a chunk of my wife's thesis show.  Almost twenty years ago it was a vices and virtues roulette wheel.

Now, it will give me a little more protection.

Now just to finish up the straps and this cell is going nowhere.... just to figure out how to plumb it.

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