Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ratty bumper fix and grind house video

My Fj40 stock-esque bumper isn't going to do it for the Mexican 1000.  Besides  being crumpled up from a parking garage pillar, it doesn't abide by the rules.

"No hazardous front or rear bumpers, nerf bars, frame heads or other protruding objects from vehicles are permitted. Ends must be capped and rounded to prevent any sharp edges. Bumpers and protective bars must be designed in a way as to reasonably inhibit two vehicles from becoming locked together. A safe front and rear bumper is required on all vehicles. "

Luckily I had the old bumper the car came with. 

I didn't like it because of the bull bar on the top and the double tubes made it hard to put stickers on.  But it was free and the bar part could easily be resolved with a saw-zall, grinder and can of spray paint.

Here's a camera test/grind video.


It turns out it was made be Con-Ferr, a now defunct Burbank company that specialized in Fj40 bits and pieces.

In the end it turned out pretty good.

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