Friday, September 7, 2012

Album of the Weeks - Los Freddy's

With all the writing about the race, I've been avoiding the "Album of the Week" well here's an attempt to get it going again.  I give you Los Freddy's.

I found this about 20 years ago in a goodwill dollar bin and since then it's been one of my favorites.  It's a 1975 reissue of Los Freddy's 1964 first lp.

I couldn't I resist it, with the Beatlesque suits and the photo of them at the Tijuana boarder crossing plus I recognized some of the songs.  

According to Wikipedia this album was released in 1964 even though most of the songs they covered were released in 1965.  I think I need to do a little investigating

Anyway, here are the tracks  (you can find most of them on youtube)
- here's a start.

Lado A

Wooly Bully  - fine but not my favorite.  It sounds a bit too much like the original which I don't really enjoy to begin with.  There's also a little skip at the start of the song that irks me.

Sin Razon Para Vivir (Tired of Waiting for You) - Google translates it as "No Reason to live" which is a better title.  I actually enjoy this version of the song more than the Kinks'.

Si Ti Tu Vas (Just a Little) - A pretty solid cover of the Beau Brummel's tune.

Sueno Feliz - nice up beat toon penned by Los Freddy's.  Not great but could hold it's own against most 60s pop.

Ven Dame Tu Fe - More of a 50s ballad.  Slow and moody.  Arturo sings

Divina Maria - slow jam

Lado B

Un Mundo Sin Amor  (A World without Love) - A pretty great cover of The Peter & Gordon song penned by Lennon/McCartney

Muchachos (Boys) - Probably my favorite song on the album.  "Muchachos" sounds so much better than "Boys."

Traeme Mi Amor (Bring it Home to Me) - A little slower and just not as good as the Sam Cook original.

Diciendote te Quiero - Another nice ballad penned by Los Freddy's.  A song that really grew on me.

El Diablo En Su Corazon (Devil in Her Heart) - Tweaking "Devil in Her Heart" into Spanish proved to be a bit challenging but the energy's great.

Estoy Muriendo (Under the Boardwalk)  -  Translated as "I'm Dying" it's probably the funniest song on the record.    "Devil in Her Heart" was a challenging translation, this song is almost impossible.

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