Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweet Wednesday - Rowher Flats

I woke up this morning and the weather was amazing.  Overcast with a few drops of rain but still in the 80s.  I put on shorts and a t-shirt and decided to take the car for a drive.

I would drive one hour out then turn around and drive back.  That way I wouldn't waste the rest of the day bumping around the back country.  I hit the road at 8:54.

In a half an hour I made it to camp 1 at Rowher Flats.  It was virtually empty, one lonely truck parked in the corner.  I decided to see how far I could go on the loop trail.  I turned down Texas Canyon then up Fall Canyon Road.

Fall Canyon Road

At exactly an hour I reached Sierra Pelona Road and there was a motorcycle and the only other person in the park.  I stop and said "hey."  We talked cars and bikes and racing and Mexico.

Sierra Pelona looked rough ahead so I got ready to turn around.  I was alone, I'd met my hour limit, but the cyclist explained to me that what I saw was a side road and the main road was no worse than what I'd been on.  Also, the view from the top was amazing.  He lead the way and I headed towards the top.

I stayed on the fire road and avoided the short cuts (which later, I would see, would've been a piece of cake).  Who would've guessed there would be a grove of oaks on the top of a mountain.  The view from the top was pretty incredible.  On a clear day I'm sure I could've seen the ocean and well into the desert.

The whole trip made for a very sweet Wednesday.

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