Monday, October 22, 2012

The simple things - Car Classic 2012 and loose wires

I decided to take the Landcruiser down to Art Center for Car Classic 2012.  I was a little worried because there was a chance of rain and the car hadn't been running quite right.  It was cutting out occasionally and backfiring.  I changed the fuel filter and that seemed to fix it....until the drive down.

It started cutting out again.  Not that often but just enough to be unnerving.  This time I noticed the tach would drop every time it cut out.  The problem was electrical!  So at Art Center I checked it over but couldn't find anything.  No loose or warn wires, nothing.  The ride home was okay but it still cut out once or twice.

Finally before I put the beast away I pulled the rubber cover from the negative terminal on the battery.  The wires were loose and carbonized enough that they weren't making a good connection.  When I'd checked it earlier I'd just felt the connection through the rubber cover and everything felt tight - because the rubber cover was tight.

Once again I learn the lesson, when things go wrong check the most obvious answer two or three times before moving on to more obscure solutions.

So, how was Car Classic?


Not many kids get to sit in a Mclaren.

This is the third Car Classic I've been to and I've grown to love them.  They tend to be a collection of oddballs without the repetition of usual car shows.  A Ford GT sits near a Chord which isn't too far from an 80s Mazda and an Icon Bronco.  It's about design, the best a funkiest of what there is out there.   Along with that there are students sitting around drawing and you can go into art center and see the facilities and what people are working on.  So here are my highlights.

The Juicer - quite possibly the coolest eletric bicycle.

new drawings of old cars and 

old drawings of cars of the future

Porsche - a symphony of bent and tinted plexiglas.


This Bugatti engine purred like a kitten.

and won my award for "Favorite Brake Linkage" for their use of bike chain.

"Best Leather Tooling - exterior" goes to the Tom Mix Chord.

"Coolest Weirdest Small Sports Car" goes to the Mazda AZ-1 Gullwing

Best "Eyelashes on a Car" goes to Lamborghini.

"Most 80s Car" 1984 Auston Martin Logonda and it's ostrich skin interior.

"Best Trunk" the lone rat rod with its hinged aluminum crutch trunk brace.

mmmm Abarth

Best "Fuel Oil & Water" storage goes to the Model T(?) Ford

and finally the "Best Numbers" 41 and 52

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