Thursday, August 18, 2011

Album of the Week 12 - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange

I had a copy of Orange when it first came out, but at some point it disappeared.  Not to long ago I found "Bellbottoms" on youtube, the kids dug it and I missed it.  I was just about to order a vinyl copy on ebay when I checked out itunes.  Their version of "Orange" was impressive and well worth swallowing a bit of analogue pride.

I usually hate bonus tracks, but Orange has some of the best you can get and gives you an idea of why, in the 1990s,  Jon Spencer was so weirdly wonderful.  There are tons of remixes that are surprisingly good, my favorite being by Dub Narcotic.  There's also the 17+ minute tour diary.  I know that sounds painful but it's been mixed and edited down to be really funny and a nice view of what it's like on the road.
So eventually I'll get around to buying the vinyl but for now this is a perfectly good substitute.

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