Thursday, August 25, 2011

bad idea? Rowher Flats

This morning I woke up with a mission.  I wanted to test a couple things I've done to the Land Cruiser and I wanted to get it into the dirt.  It would seem easy enough but I can't seem to find 100 yards of rough dirt road in my neighborhood.  I'm sure it's out there somewhere but this morning it was evading me.  So, I thought Rowher Flats.

Rowher Flats is an off road park which is only 15 miles from my house (about a 30 minute drive).   I'd read about it but wanted to plan a bit.  This morning I was alone, no maps, no water and a quarter tank of gas - not really prepared.  I got gas and a half gallon of water and headed up the Sierra Highway.  At the turn off I thought "this will be easy enough to walk out of if the car breaks down"  after about 3 miles of washboard road I thought "well, I'm sure other people will be there if anything goes wrong."  Then I got to the parking area and realized I was the only one there.  20 square miles of dead silence, not another car in sight, it was beautiful.  

I decided to not be too daring.  I played on a couple trails and around the rock crawling area and as the temperatures reached 100 I headed home.
The car felt great and really wanted to be in the dirt and go fast.  The exhaust rattled loose but the welds held and I do really need to address the springs but it was so much fun.

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