Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Inspiration - Historic Races at Laguna Seca

As a kid I got to go to the Harrah's automobile collection, twice.  It was amazing.  At the time it was the largest collection in the world with building after building of incredible cars.

Last weekend was even more amazing, we took the kids to Laguna Seca.   

Static cars are beautiful, moving cars are awesome.  They come alive and walk a fine line between animal and machine.

And the aesthetics of racing are so different than collecting.  Duck tape over the lights and a simple leather strap to hold the hand crank to the side.

Oil leaks and suspensions made out of elastic straps.  So cool and so terrifying. 

I love the world of art but I feel like it's a bit stuck on the collecting side of things and I wish it was a bit more like racing,  lean and terrifying.

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