Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 Mexican 1000 – race day 1 – the formal start

5:30 am we headed down to the garage. 

Being team Rookie we didn’t want to screw up our timing on the first day.  The race started at 6 am by the bull ring in Mexicali but being the 81st to start we would have some time to kill.  Also, this start was really more of a formality.  The real race, in the dirt, would start in the desert about 17 miles out of town.

The cars started lining up at 6am when the motorcycles started.  We got there early enough to see 71 year old Malcolm Smith be the first off the line.

Rhonda got some great shots of Malcolm Smith starting.

The rest of the cars started lining up.  It was a pretty spectacular crowd 

Arwen, Pat, Mary, Mom and the kids showed up and we got a chance to meet some of the NORRA staff.  The butterflies were starting to kick in.  At 7:57am we started.  Here's a short video  featuring us, the Stropped Bronco, Big Oly, Bandito Brothers and more....enjoy.

The drive to Laguna Salada was uneventful.  Well, we did get off course once and passed the first broken vehicle (a 1973 Yamaha SC500) but other than that it was a good beginning.

the story continues here

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