Saturday, January 29, 2011

Album of the Week 6 - Bad Brains

1982's self titled Bad Brains.  When I first heard this, in the mid 80s, I wasn't all that into it.  The individual songs were great and wound up on quite a few mix tapes, but the album didn't quite work for me.  I even got to interview H.R. for my college radio station but still couldn't be convinced.  It goes from extremely fast metalish hardcore to slow reggae jams.  To a teenager that pacing just threw me off.   Now that I'm middle aged, I've come to realize that this is really a great album.

I saw the reissue and decided to give it another try, it worked.  It's perfect pacing for a forty something working in the garage.  Each side starts out fast with a good 10 minutes of hardcore.  It gets your blood going and you can crank at whatever your doing.  Then the last track comes on and slows you down, you take a brake flip the album and start all over again.  It's a bit like hardcore interval training. 

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