Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Show I'm in - Searcher - part 2

Searcher continues from Car 23 in the lobby of the Laguna Art Museum down a flight of stairs and into the basement. There's a short hallway along the stairs where I've installed several pieces.

The first piece is the Light Wood Light which was inspired by the sea urchins of the Pacific coast.

light wood light
acrylic on wood, zip ties and light fixture

Next to the lamp is Lock It Up, a painting created using silk screens of magazine covers on wood, in this case 4Wheel Drive, Mountain Bike and Backpacker.

Lock It Up
acrylic silk screened on wood

and as you continue down the hallway there's a cluster of Dark Wood Lights. The lights are made of the same wood as the magazine cover pieces and the insides are silk screened with magazine imagery.

Dark Wood Light
acrylic on wood, zip ties and light fixture

next up, out of the stairwell and into the Brief Gallery

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