Saturday, January 22, 2011

Album of the Week 6 - Serge Gainsbourg-aux armes et caetera

I got new vinyl records for Christmas!
New vinyl had almost disappeared from my life but thanks to wonderful companies, like 4 Men With Beards, reissues are something I've been experiencing more and more. There's nothing quite like breaking the seal and seeing the pristine vinyl.

This weeks album is Serge Gainsbourg's Aux Armes Et Caetera. There's not much to say about it that you can't find on the web, so I won't. I've just been listening to it all week. It's good to paint to and let your mind wander.

In general I'm not a big dub or reggae fan (I lean towards the pre-reggae stuff) but this album really grows on you. Maybe its the production of Sly and Robbie but I really think that reggae should be sung in French. It meshes so nicely with the beats. I'm going to have to track down some more French reggae and see.

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