Monday, February 7, 2011

Album of the Week 7 - Weird War - If you can't beat 'em, bite 'em

Considering I love Nation of Ulysses, Cupid Car Club and The Make up, I'm surprised It's taken me so long to get around to Weird War's 2004 release,  If you can't beat 'em, bite 'em.  It's a brilliant album.  Ian Svenonius, Michelle Mae, Sebastian Thomson and amazing guitar by Alex Minoff (Minoff's other band Extra Golden will be a future album of the week).

I starting listening to the title track when we got a puppy three months ago.  It was her theme song and I found myself sing "If you can't beat 'em, bite 'em" at all hours.  That expanded into listening to the entire album which I did, again today.  Some of the greater tracks are Grand Fraud (also has a nice video), Tess (based on the book), Store Bought Pot, AK-47 and Chemical Rank (which is one of those great songs where the lyrics are so odd that you start obsessing about what or who it's about). 

I have to confess, I only have this on mp3.  I didn't think an mp3 would make it to "Album of the Week" but I listen to If you can't beat 'em, bite 'em like an album - start to finish, no shuffle, no skipping.  Well that's not actually true, I skip the first track Music for Masturbation.  Ian Svenonius seems to put an intro track on every album and they're cute but not something you want to listen to over and over again.  

as a side note the cover is a cover of Lou Reed's Live take No Prisoners which was lifted from a Nazario Luque comic.

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