Friday, February 25, 2011

Album of the Week 9 - JFA - Valley of the Yakes

While pounding on the car to remove the brake drums and broken wheel studs I needed some good old teenage rage.  Jody Foster's Army's classic album Valley of the Yakes suited the bill perfectly.  With songs like "Kick You", "Preppy",  "I don't like You" it really let's your agnst flow.  I did find the occasional self conscious moment of "what is that middle aged man blaring from his garage?" but not enough to stop my punk rocking.

Valley of the Yakes is one those rare 45rpm full length records.  Which means every time I put it on I listen to a good chunk of the first track at 33 1/3.  It's such a fast album you don't realize it's going slow until the vocals kick in.

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