Friday, February 4, 2011

Windsheild Wipers Part 2!

So, I checked out my wiring diagram.  It worked but the wiper motors were not in the best shape.  One was seized up and the other was sluggish.  So, I took them apart.

The early fj40 TNK wipers are beautiful little machines.  No plastic and everything can be taken apart with a screw driver.  I basically just took the covers off and soaked the inards in WD-40 until the harden grease softened.  Then I blew it out, grease it up and they work great.

TRICK TIP - I worked on this in one of the little drawers in my rolling tool chest.  It allowed me to stand up staright and the drawer caught any little screws or springs that came loose.  Sure I initially used it because there wasn't a clear surface in the garage but it's something I'd do again.

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