Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inspiration - Candy Hike! - Elsmere Canyon

This weekend we managed to do two weekend candy hikes*, the first was an accidental trip to Elsmere Canyon.  We'd planned on hiking Whitney Canyon but there were other people with dogs on the trail so we took a quick right turn went up and up and then saw this.

Elsmere Canyon is a hidden sort of box canyon which is Santa Clarita newest "open area."  I don't really know what "open area" means but I like it.  It was dedicated in November 2010.  Thanks to some citizens of Santa Clarita and money from Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Elsmere was save from being the nations largest landfill.

It isn't the nicest oak filled valley with a creek running through the middle of it but it's pretty amazing and only five minutes from out house.

*Candy Hike - is a hike where you use candy to bribe your kids to keep going.  Good for their body bad for their teeth.  Oh and I do wonder what kind of associations they'll have with hiking when they're adults.

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